Qualex aims at providing a fully consolidated version of Greek legislation in its entirety, offering access to both the current and every previous version of each piece of legislation, in order to fully cover the needs of every user seeking any kind of legislative information on the regulatory framework of any matter, in any field of law.

Qualex.01 comprises legislation from Government Gazette volumes A, B, Δ and ΑΑΠ of 2010-2020, including the fully consolidated versions of the relevant texts and adequate links; it also contains the most relevant legislation from previous years.  

The content of Legislation has been collected from its original source, namely the national printing office. The processing of legislation data is carried out on the basis of advanced online consolidation techniques; this allows for the inclusion and presentation of legislative amendments along with the latest applicable version of the relevant provision.

Users are given access not only to all previous versions of a provision, but also to the information related to each such version, including case law applying the relevant provision as in force at the relevant time.

Legislation content is swiftly updated on a daily basis by the Qualex team of experts, to include any new content published in the Government Gazette (issues A, B and Δ); amendments introduced to existing laws under newly enacted ones are incorporated immediately, while relevant legislation from previous years is also being added.  

In particular, the LEGISLATION part of Qualex.01 provides users with the consolidated text of: 
- every law enacted in the years 2010-2020, along with codes and relevant laws enacted earlier  
- all legislation from Government Gazette issue Β for the years 2013-2020 (Ministerial Decisions, Regulatory Decisions of the Administration) 
- legislation from Government Gazette issue Δ  for the years 2011-2020 
- legislation from Government Gazette issue ΑΠΠ  for the years 2011-2019