Qualex Legal Database is one of the largest and most important legal IT projects implemented in the field of Justice. It was developed over the course of 5 years, under the guidance of an expert in legal IT in collaboration with specialized computer engineers and a team of 80 selected lawyers with expertise in subjects covering all areas of law, specifically trained in the use of IT tools to apply special rules of content organization, classification and processing. The project also employed scientific collaborators and researchers from related scientific disciplines, namely researchers from the Department of Archival, Library and Information Studies of the University of West Attica, Software Engineers and Machine Learning Experts of NCSR Demokritos and 2 IT companies. It has been based on Microsoft technology; it is updated on a daily basis by the Qualex team of experts and is technologically supported by the LEXLABS team - the technology branch of Nomiki Bibliothiki, which funds and supports the project.

Qualex: The next day

Its unique advantages, namely the comprehensiveness of legal content through innumerable sources of legal data, the smart search engine, innovative use and navigation tools, the advanced Legal Terms Thesaurus, modern interlinking and automation technology and other innovations, make Qualex the Next Day for conducting research, searching and harnessing all sources of legal content:

  • Qualex provides targeted answers to users' questions, learns quickly and is updated on a daily basis.
  • The systematic collection of material from primary sources (National Printing Office, Court Archives, Secretariats of Public Bodies and Independent Authorities) is a guarantee of the authenticity and reliability of content.
  • The processing of any text uploaded for posting on Qualex is based on state-of-the-art methods and legal IT rules for the proper organization, classification, consolidation and interlinking of information.
  • The content of Qualex provides unlimited search options through Advanced Search combined with the comprehensive interlinking between Legislation, Case Law, Bibliography, Articles, Administrative Documents & Templates throughout the database. 
  • Thanks to the advanced Microsoft and other technologies on which it operates, Qualex offers a smart search feature, through a quick and user-friendly engine, with a modern interface.
  • It provides users with the option to request the ad hoc provision of information, by means of personal notification, on the latest updates on a specific topic searched, even after the relevant search has been closed.
  • It offers a unique legal toolkit (Flow of Legal Procedures, Legal Calculators, calculation of default interest, procedural deadlines, etc.), in the service of the daily needs of practising lawyers.
  • It has advanced features that facilitate end user navigation and usage.
  • Independent interface for notes, saved searches, option to create virtual content storage folders and a forum through which it is possible to have a controlled exchange of views on various legal issues that users may be facing.
  • Access from anywhere through web, app and mobile applications
  • Fully interconnected with the ALMA neXT family of legal software products (in progress)
  • Interconnected with the SOLON system for the electronic monitoring of the course of a case (in progress) etc. 
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Target Audience

For the first time in Greece, Qualex offers up-to-date access to the full text of Greek legislation, interlinked with thousands of judments by courts of all instances, thousands of books, scholarly journals, administrative documents, templates, and a range of Legal Toolboxes focusing on facilitating the daily work of Lawyers, Judges, Academic Researchers, Students and any other person active in the field of Justice, but also of Businesses and all kinds of Organizations in the private or public sectors.