From its inception until today, Qualex has collaborated with and is legally and technically assisted by hundreds of individuals and legal entities: experts; lawyers; IT technicians; the Department of Archival, Library and Information Studies of the University of West Attica; the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"; and specialised software companies that developed the EnterLex legal repository, advanced navigation and search applications, and the Qualex website.

Heads of Qualex production research, implementation and coordination team:

Κάποιο σφάλμα παρουσιάστηκε. Παρακαλώ προσπαθήστε αργότερα.

Qualex team for editing and updating:

Eleftheria Galanopoulou, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Katerina Giannakakou, Attorney-at-law

Myrto Gkaliou, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Elina Gkouta, Attorney-at-law

Samantha Karageorgou, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Katerina Kontogianni, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Aliki Lalakidi, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Yvonni Bistouna, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Ioanna Oikonomidi, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Vangelis Sinos, Librarian

Olga Skopeliti, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Katerina Soubaka, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Niki Triantafyllidi, Attorney-at-law, LLM

Anna Filippova, Librarian

Katerina Chouliara, Attorney-at-law, LLM