Part I Good Administration as a Principle
Part II The Right of Good Administration in the EU Legal Order

The present book aims to conduct an in-depth analysis of the legal concept of good administration and to outline the connection between law and administration. In order for this aim to be achieved , the author attempts to explore the research question of what the real content of good administration in the European Union (EU) legal framework is. Furthermore a brief research is conducted on the administrative system of Greece as a member state of the EU. This is by no means an easy task , but deserves our attention because it hasn’t been thoroughly examined yet. Furthermore, what makes the scientific approach of the term good administration more interesting is that it is not limited to the national boundaries of the sovereign states and their national legislations. The main point of the whole monograph revolves around the dichotomy between the principle of good administration and of good administration as a citizen’s right.

The potential audience of the monograph regards legal professionals, public servants as well as students and Academics of Law Schools & Schools of Public Administration. Moreover, it is a useful tool for students or candidates of the National School of Public Administration.

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